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Market and industry

On the right is a comparison of different markets. From this data it can be understood that the precious metals market is much more stable than the cryptocurrency market, which means that our company is perfectly suitable for investments where risks will be minimal.

Precious metals serve as an indicator of the state of the world economy and are often used as a “safe haven” in times of economic instability. Since market demand does not depend on a specific territory, many far-sighted investors trade in precious metals to diversify their portfolio and hedge their positions, even when markets fall.

In recent years, interest in precious metals as an investment has grown significantly, and therefore, the need for storage facilities has increased. Demand for storage outside the banking sector is also growing steadily. Therefore, we trade in precious metals, and also ensures their safe storage in a warehouse with a high degree of protection outside the banking sector. For this we have created a unique alternative in one of the safest places in Europe - in Liechtenstein.

We firmly believe that almost every client of the company, with the help of our knowledge and trading skills, will be able to earn and increase their initial capital. We do not believe in unrealistic promises or false commitments; instead, we prove that we work successfully for the benefit of our customers and our company.

Why choose b2bDiamond?

The world is developing rapidly, and new technologies are being introduced every day, but some of them give high profits, others suffer losses. We are a team of supporters of a stable and at one time profitable business that will always be relevant.

Fast Transaction

The best conditions for Deposit and withdrawal


Security and stability

Your personal data and funds are protected


Permanent trading operations

Our traders conduct lucrative to 350 transactions every day, this ensures the profitability declared by us


Professional team

Professional management team, well thought out investment package


Availability and efficiency

We give You access to the most liquid market in the world


Simplicity and convenience

We have created a user-friendly interface for you, thanks to which you can become an investor literally "in two clicks"


All deposits are insured

All deposits are insured for the amount of 9 500 000 $ insurance company PRUDENTIAL PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY

Insurance certificate

Insurance fund

9 500 000 $

Offers for Inventors

Investment packages developed by our team are suitable even for the most demanding investor


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Our portfolio

Precious metals with which we make a large number of trading transactions are indicated in percentage terms
Portfolio Percentage
  • 34% Gold
  • 29% Platinum
  • 16% Silver
  • 13% Diamonds
  • 8% Palladium


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